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Best Rugged Smartphone 2019: Durability and Performance

Best Rugged Smartphone 2019

In a world where our smartphones are more fragile than ever, rugged smartphones have emerged as a practical solution for those who demand toughness and functionality. These rugged devices are designed to withstand extreme conditions, making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and professionals working in challenging environments. The Best Rugged Smartphones 2019 are Given Below:

CAT S61: The Swiss Army Knife of Rugged Phones

CAT, known for its rugged machinery, brings us the CAT S61, a smartphone designed for extreme conditions. It boasts a FLIR thermal imaging camera, indoor air quality monitor, and laser-assisted distance measuring. This device is a true workhorse for professionals.


Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s: Reliable and Resilient

Samsung’s Galaxy XCover 4s combines the sleek design of a regular smartphone with rugged capabilities. It’s water-resistant, shockproof, and equipped with a removable battery, making it perfect for long trips or outdoor adventures.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s
Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s

Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2: Built to Last

The Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 is a rugged smartphone with exceptional durability. It features a waterproof and dustproof design, military-grade drop protection, and a versatile action camera. This phone is perfect for those in demanding professions.

Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2
Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2

Sonim XP8: A Communication Powerhouse

The Sonim XP8 is designed for professionals who require reliable communication. It comes with dedicated push-to-talk buttons, noise cancellation, and an extremely loud speaker, making it ideal for noisy work environments.

Sonim XP8
Sonim XP8

Blackview BV9700 Pro: Tough and Feature-Packed

The Blackview BV9700 Pro offers a rugged exterior and a feature-rich interior. With a powerful processor, excellent camera, and night vision capabilities, it’s suitable for both work and play.

Blackview BV9700 Pro
Blackview BV9700 Pro

Doogee S90: Rugged Gaming on the Go

For gamers on the go, the Doogee S90 offers a rugged gaming experience. Its modular design allows for customization, and it features a large battery for extended gaming sessions.

Doogee S90
Doogee S90

Ulefone Armor 6E: Affordable and Sturdy

The Ulefone Armor 6E strikes a balance between affordability and ruggedness. It’s water-resistant, drop-resistant, and equipped with a decent camera, making it a reliable choice for those on a budget.

Ulefone Armor 6E
Ulefone Armor 6E

AGM X3: Rugged Meets Elegance

The AGM X3 combines ruggedness with a touch of elegance. It features a powerful processor, excellent cameras, and a slim design, making it suitable for both work and everyday use.


What Makes a Smartphone Rugged

Rugged smartphones are not just regular phones with a tough case. They are purpose-built to endure harsh conditions, including dust, water, extreme temperatures, and accidental drops. Here are the key attributes that define a rugged smartphone:


The primary characteristic of a rugged smartphone is its durability. These devices are built to military-grade standards and can survive falls, impacts, and exposure to elements that would cripple conventional smartphones. Don’t Miss to Checkout Our Website:       Tech World Lab

Water and Dust Resistance

Rugged smartphones often come with an IP rating, which certifies their resistance to water and dust. This feature ensures your phone remains operational even after being submerged in water or buried in sand.

Tough Exterior

Rugged smartphones feature reinforced exteriors made from robust materials like Gorilla Glass or sturdy plastics. This protects the screen and the internal components from damage.

Extended Battery Life

Many rugged smartphones boast impressive battery life, allowing users to stay connected for extended periods, even in remote locations.

ended a rugged device for outdoor activities.

Removable Battery: Unlike many modern smartphones with sealed batteries, the XCover Pro has a removable battery. This meant that users could easily swap out the battery in the field, extending the phone’s usability in remote locations.

Customizable Buttons:

The phone had two programmable physical buttons that could be customized for quick access to essential functions or apps. This feature was particularly useful for users who needed quick access to specific tools while wearing gloves.


The XCover Pro was powered by a decent mid-range processor, which was sufficient for most tasks and applications. While it might not have been the fastest phone on the market, it was more than capable of handling everyday use and demanding tasks.


Samsung provided regular software updates and security patches for the XCover Pro, ensuring that it remained a reliable choice for an extended period.

Top Features to Look for

When searching for the best-rugged smartphone, consider the following features:

  • Processor Power: A fast and efficient processor ensures your phone can handle demanding tasks.
  • Camera Quality: Good cameras are essential for capturing memories or documenting work in the field.
  • Operating System: The latest OS ensures you have access to all the latest apps and features.
  • Storage Capacity: Ample storage space for apps, media, and files is crucial.
  • Screen Size: A large, high-resolution display enhances usability.

Now, let’s dive into the top rugged smartphones of 2019.


In 2019, the world of rugged smartphones witnessed impressive innovations. Whether you’re a professional working in extreme conditions or an adventurer seeking a reliable companion, there’s a rugged smartphone for you. These devices offer durability, functionality, and innovation, ensuring you stay connected no matter where your journey takes you.


Q1: Are rugged smartphones worth the extra cost?

Rugged smartphones are worth the investment if you frequently expose your phone to harsh conditions or need a reliable device for work.

Q2: Can I use a rugged smartphone as my everyday phone?

Absolutely. Many rugged smartphones offer the same features as regular smartphones, making them suitable for everyday use.

Q3: Do rugged smartphones have good cameras?

Yes, some rugged smartphones come with excellent cameras, suitable for photography and video recording.

Q4: Can I replace the battery in a rugged smartphone?

Some rugged smartphones have removable batteries, while others do not. Check the specifications before making a purchase.

Q5: Do rugged smartphones support the latest apps and software updates?

Most rugged smartphones run on the latest operating systems and support popular apps, just like regular smartphones.


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